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Proudly boasting the label “orderly and unhurried,” the suburban town of Los Altos Hills real estate is one of the foremost suburban communities of Silicon Valley. A leisurely growing city, Los Altos Hills real estate is neighbored by the municipality of Los Altos, yet has none of the similar industrialization. Los Altos Hills homes claim some of the strictest residential zoning laws in the state of California, one of which mandates a minimum of one acre per household lot. The firm regulations of the Los Altos Hills homes are one of the appeals of this city, which backs up to the broad roadways and conduits of the city and preserving the breathtaking views and picturesque character of Los Altos Hill’s real estate. Enhance your search of Los Altos Hill’s homes by adding the nearby cities of Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto, and don’t forget to Find an Agent to aid your search.

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