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Reach Consumers is the only way to reach Northern California home buying/selling consumers that are actually in the process of a Real Estate transaction. Our exhaustive market research tells us that over 90% of our site visitors are qualified home buyers and sellers with a male or female demographic earning more $150,000 annually. Utilizing our advanced Ad Delivery technology, our advertisers are able to reach a hyper-local, hyper-targeted audience though highly targeted campaigns that meet their digital marketing goals. We offer behavioral targeting, geo targeting by zip, county, and DMA.

Targeted Advertising

We can target your audience and markets by geolocation. We can display your ads to site visitors based on their state, county or zip codes. We provide reports on the performance results of your campaigns to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, we operate a nationwide media based, Ad Network of consumer facing MLS websites across the country. Together, we reach well over 2.5M home buying and selling consumers.

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According to Advertising Age Magazine, online advertising has outpaced traditional advertising on television, radio and newspaper in its ability to reach new, unique and affluent buyers. Online advertising is changing the way we reach new customers. Companies are now focusing their marketing budgets on digital branding, leaving direct response behind.

We adhere to IAB ad unit standards of 300x250, 160x600 and 728x90, and 320x50 mobile guidelines.

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