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The famous “Garlic Capital of the World,” located right here in northern California, Gilroy real estate is recognized as a pastoral town due to its immense manufacture of garlic, mushrooms and a number of other produce. Gilroy homes gain the attention of visitors from other cities during the annual Gilroy Garlic festival, which attracts thousands of day-trippers every summer like clockwork. Despite the predictable façade of a ‘farming town,’ Gilroy real estate has a wide variety of urban attractions, widely diversifying the overall character of the city. For instance, the famed Bonfante Gardens, now known as Gilroy Gardens, is a beloved local amusement park unique to the city. Other urban entertainment within reach of Gilroy real estate includes the Gilroy Premium Outlets, a large commercial shopping market, popular spot among south bay area natives. With a $2.6 million budget, Gilroy offers a highly esteemed assortment of recreational programs and activities for its residents and is continuously working on refining these, and improving accessibility for the residents of Gilroy. One of the city’s many respectable public and private education choices, Christopher High School received an Award for Excellence from the California Parks and Rec Society for its school Aquatic Center. The greatest Gilroy labor force comes from Olam Spices & Vegetables and Christopher Ranch, a reflection of traditional Gilroy heritage, and a logical appetizer for what the Garlic Capitol of the World has to offer as a place to call home. Don’t forget to Find An Agent, and enhance your knowledge by adding Morgan Hill and Watsonville to your search.

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