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About 94028

A peaceful place, Portola Valley, California is one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Known for its rural ambiance, low-density housing, and lavish real estate, the Portola Valley homes zip code of 94028 was voted Forbes Magazine’s 31st most affluent city in America in 2010. With a stunning combination of modern development and rustic, countryside charm, this peaceful city will charm your socks off, with all the finest comforts and luxuries a town can offer. The Portola Valley Town Center offers an inviting county library, a Community Hall with a number of great programs and classes for youth and adults, Soccer, Softball and Tennis fields and so much more. The city also provides 1900 (consistency with either numerals or words) acres of permanent open space within the town limits to preserve its beauty and historic heritage. Portola Valley real estate is comprised of a total of 1,700 extravagant households for its 4,500 residents, and is serviced by some of the finest schools in the country, including the Portola Valley School District, two private schools and the Peninsula Library System. The city is easily accessible by means of Interstate 280 and the B.A.R.T. and is only a short drive from the vibrant nightlife of the nearby metropolises of San Bruno, Pacifica and Menlo Park. Find an Agent today have an advantage when navigating Portola Valley real estate.

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