When Do I Contact a Pro?


When Do I Contact a Pro?

Contacting a professional real estate agent or broker’s office is always advisable when looking to buy, sell, or lease a home – or even just consult. A real estate agent can be a great resource. They can offer insight into your community, help you to determine your current property value, and give you tips about how to make that final sale. Here are a few reasons and conditions under which we highly advise using a Real Estate Professional.

Here are a few reasons and conditions under which we highly advise using a real estate professional.

Listing a Home

One great reason to use a real estate agent to sell your home is data access. Real estate agents work for a broker, and as such can list your home on the MLS database – only available to professionals. In addition to online data you will find agents have their own vast networking system with other agents, broker’s offices, attorneys and MLSs – generating a team of highly qualified individuals to help sell your home.


Another reason to let an agent list your home for you is the level of professionalism associated with using a REALTOR®. You will be negotiating with other Real Estate Professionals and individuals looking at buying your home, and they will want to know that they will be getting the best price for the property. A real estate agent has a cumulative knowledge of all the latest marketing techniques and can apply them to helping you sell your property.

Closing the Sale

This may involve title searches, inspections and appraisals, negotiating a contract, and writing the contract. Depending on your particular state or county regulations, there may also be attorneys, escrow agents or title insurance companies involved in the closing process. It’s a complicated process, and unless you have a few real estate classes under your belt and a lot of time on your hands to figure the rest out, leave this one to the pros.

MLSListings knows how important your house is to you, and we understand the anxiety of selling a place you once called home. As a licensed professional, an agent is bound by law to act in the best interest of their clients. They are trained to help and guide you through a very important transaction and life choice and we strongly advise you to use any resources you can to get the most out of your home-selling experience. Use our ‘Meet an Agent’ tool to find an agent who meets your needs.

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