Moving Tips


Moving Tips

Moving. The very word conjures up anxiety and stress for most people. It’s a complete disruption to life as you know for at least a few weeks. First you have to pack up your current home and then on the other side of the move you have to unpack and organize everything.

Moving Advice

We spoke with many people and consulted an array of websites in order to give you the latest and greatest advice about moving. It all comes down to three important actions:

  1. Make lists –These will become sacred. You might consider making lists for:
    • Keep/Donate/Trash: To help decide which items are going to the new digs and all that will be given or thrown away.
    • Systems: Anything that is hooked up and must be disconnected or moved to the new address.
    • Confidential Inventory: Keep a list of bills, accounts personal records, insurance papers etc.
    • Supplies: You might need to buy supplies to move like boxes, tape, labels, etc.
  2. Check all systems in the new home before moving day –You’ll want to inspect everything from locks to plumbing to breaker boxes, every nook and cranny of your new home. It’s easier to clean, change or fix things before moving day. It’s also a great opportunity to measure your space and plan where you things will go. And, don’t forget to check for pests.
  3. Pack by room, not by item –This will allow you to carefully place boxes in the new place for easy unpacking room by room.

It’s not possible to over plan a move. It’s a time for the most detail-oriented family member to take center stage. Thorough planning will keep moving day stress to a minimum.

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